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The Lowcountry Backroads Experience

Angel Oak & Deep Water Vineyards

While there are so many beautiful things to discover in downtown Charleston, nothing offers a more authentic Charleston experience than exploring the live oak lined streets of the Charleston Lowcountry. Let our team help curate the perfect showcase of the mysteries of the Lowcountry that includes a stop by the Angel Oak, which standing at 65 feet and estimated to be between 400-500 years old is a symbol of nature’s strength and fortitude.

Then continue on the backroad adventure at Deep Water Vineyard, South Carolina’s only vineyard and winery, with a stroll around the 5 acres estate and a wine tasting. For the perfect afternoon, let our culinary team pack a picnic to enjoy in a quiet spot under a tree at the vineyard. With the complimentary reservation of our house Mini Coopers available for this 4 hour backroad expedition, there is nothing to stop you from taking part the open roads and this authentic Lowcountry experience.

The entry to Angel Oak & Deep Water Vineyards is free. Deep Water Vineyard Tours available Tues-Sat from 10am-5pm for $10.00 pp which include 6 samples.

Not valid in conjunction with other packages or promotions.