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Keep Shop

For those who crave the unique and exquisite, we have the carefully curated Keep Shop at Emeline.

Emeline Candle

Inside, you’ll delve into a rare luxury retail experience featuring a variety of clothing, accessories, home goods, print designs and more, most exclusively crafted for Keep Shop by some of our favorite makers, artists and artisans

When we select an item for Keep Shop, we think about the hands: The hands that made it—with care and craft and character—and the hands that will hold it.

We know that you shop for things that are lasting, that you relate these items to a time you hope to never forget. These are the treasures we value, the things that we keep.

Keep Shop hat
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Sample our cold brew tea by Charleston-based OLIVER + PUFF. Better yet, buy a tin to bring home.

You’ll find Keep Shop on the ground level of Emeline in our social lobby.


We’ve got a new sassy lady in the window at Keep Nashville- looking for name suggestions..
@komono sunnies made in Belgium for the minimalist aesthetic
Savannah is famously built off of the Oglethorpe plan consisting of wards that are centered around a square. The nearest square in relation to The Alida is Franklin Square. In collaboration with Stetson,  “The Franklin Ward” as an ode to the unique design and history that makes Savannah so special.
Join us April 10 & 11 for a pop-up with Laura Reed of @margeriteandmotte . Laura is a Charleston based artisan who finds inspiration from The Battery where she turns found shells into wearable art.  Be sure to stop by and peruse her latest collection and take a little piece of Charleston with you!
Olive leather clutch by @jstark exclusively at Keep Charleston @hotelemeline
Reflecting on past shop events at Keep Nashville. @dominomag pop-up seems like many, many moons ago
Come check out some of our meticulously curated Keep Exclusives at @noelle_nashville. We value the makers that make life beautiful
Custom color way @linarosajewelry for Keep Charleston @hotelemeline