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Keep Shop

For those who crave the unique and exquisite, we have the carefully curated Keep Shop at Emeline.

Emeline Candle

Inside, you’ll delve into a rare luxury retail experience featuring a variety of clothing, accessories, home goods, print designs and more, most exclusively crafted for Keep Shop by some of our favorite makers, artists and artisans

When we select an item for Keep Shop, we think about the hands: The hands that made it—with care and craft and character—and the hands that will hold it.

We know that you shop for things that are lasting, that you relate these items to a time you hope to never forget. These are the treasures we value, the things that we keep.

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Sample our cold brew tea by Charleston-based OLIVER + PUFF. Better yet, buy a tin to bring home.

You’ll find Keep Shop on the ground level of Emeline in our social lobby.


There are few things that challenge the joy of reading a really good publication with a cup of coffee.
Friday inspo/weekend motivation
Enameled lockets from Paris paired with handwritten message from the past.
This petite leather tote is handmade in Savannah, GA by husband and wife team @madebykin. Only one available at our Savannah shop.
This unintentional mood board was discovered when I clicked over to my saved posts 💥
In-Betweenness by Namwon Choi  Savannah, GA.
Namwon Choi is a Korean artist living and working in America.  Her work focuses on her immigration experience in both space and time and the notion of movement and process.  This pieces hangs in the lobby @thealidahotel