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Local Partners

Discover some of our favorite makers, artists and artisans.

In designing Emeline, we were inspired by the rich culture of Charleston. Our goal is to create a space with a sense of warmth and soulfulness that evokes the modern South and honors the local craftsmanship of old and new.


Lino Rose

A hand beaded jewelry collection by local maker Paulina Rodriguez. Paullina crafted a collection of custom earrings for Keep Shop in Emeline’s brand colors.

J. Stark

J. Stark creates timeless, sturdy products that owners will carry for a lifetime. For Keep Shop, they created a collection of small leather goods, bags and twill overnighters all inspired by the branding of Emeline.

Contents Co.

Beau Burdette created Emeline’s custom scent program – a signature to every Makeready property. Guests will detect notes of salt, bergamot, Vetiver and moss throughout the property’s public spaces and with scents available for purchase in a candle or room spray.

42 Pressed

A local branding and stationary company, 42 Pressed created Emeline’s distinctive packaging for its custom candle and room spray, as well as a ‘Must See’ map curated by Keep shop.

Gyotakutra Tranquility

Inspired by the surrounding waters of Charleston, Keep Shop features a collection of locally made Gyotaku Art, a traditional Japanese printmaking method which highlights the beauty of marine life and dates back to the mid-1800s.

The Restored Board

Shane + Kate are the couple behind local Charleston brand, The Restored Board, crafting high quality cutting boards in interesting shapes, as well as a dedicated Emeline branded collection.

Susan Gregory

Unique pottery designs influenced by warm modernism and Japanese aesthetics mixed with contemporary design describe Susan Gregory’s functionality and beautiful ceramics. Susan created the soap dish found in each guestroom and has created a custom collection for Keep Shop.

JK Designs

Owner Jessica Cashman crafted this delicate jewelry collection with a minimal outlook, focusing on the colorful gemstones selected for each piece. For Keep Shop, Cashman created a custom collection with colors inspired by Emeline.

Margerite & Motte

Laura Reed collects beautiful and delicate oyster shells found on the Battery beach, which she transforms into wearable art. Keep Shop features Reed’s one-of-a-kind earing and necklace collection.

Steel Birch

A line of natural skincare products, Steel Birch’s artisanal products include organic herbs, botanical extracts, superfoods, soothing carrier oils and vegan alternatives, handmade in Charleston.

Barbara Beach

Local Charleston artist, Barbara Beach, creates beautiful watercolor renditions of the city’s architecture, flora and fauna, for Keep Shop featuring an exclusive collection of art prints and greeting cards.

For those who crave the unique and exquisite, Keep Shop will also feature artists from around the country, including:

Details of products available in Keep Shop


Keep Shop features the custom straw hat with iconic brand Stetson, called the ‘The Foxtail,’ inspired the Foxtail Fern plant, which is native to Charleston. This custom style is available in addition to a small collection of other hats.

Lia Molly

Lia Molly is designed and knitted in a small design studio nestled in the heart of the Catskills. For Keep Shop, they have created two custom travel wrap scarves inspired by Emeline and the colors of Charleston. Wehgo Amanda and Brian Farnum created the best hands-on souvenir, modern paint by number sets featuring custom sets for Keep Shop highlighting Charleston’s historic sites.

Le Curie

A unisex, artisan fragrance line created by Lesli Woods, each five fragrances carried at Keep Shop translates through a combination of pheromones, environment and chemistry.

Open Sea

Inspired by the salty blue shores of the ocean, Open Sea Creative is a studio based in Brooklyn that specializes in fine stationery and paper goods.